Sunday, April 17, 2005

sorting origami stars

today: the last day before the 2 dreadful weeks of finals officially begin.

surprise: so far it's not too bad

perhaps because the act of organizing my notes parallels the act of organizing my belongings and moving to a new place, the usual tedious task of collecting the year's work is rather rather relaxing. perhaps also because i'm loving my job or perhaps because i enjoy color coding a semester's worth of dull material. perhaps because i like to overuse the word perhaps in the process of describing all the situations in which i perhaps may have developed an overcompulsive order when it comes to clean tidy notes: perfectly colored on lined paper where the lines are the perfect shade of blue and there exists a perfect amount of spacing between each new idea.

perhaps i should move onto a new topic.

american apparel is really pleasant, i actually look forward to each shift. somebody once said "it's the people you work with that make or break the job"; this is especially true for retail. while my two managers are completely different in terms of personality and policy, both are people whom i would respect even if i were to meet them in circumstances in which they weren't my bosses. my coworkers are all fashionably sexy hooligans who can drink more beer than water and consistently dance and sing while contributing to thousand dollar sales daily. as well, aa's clothing, which in the process of being forced to wear, has introduced a new idea of simplicity into not only my wardrobe but also my lifestyle. in a place where it's not a crime to gorge yourself on chinese takeout, cigarettes, theme day saturdays and electroclash, it's no wonder that it's so enjoyable. speaking of which, new obsessions include oodle noodle box, chromeo, phoenix, skanky one piece drop top halters and colored scarves. drop by sometime. product includes 32-thread count cotton sex in different cuts and colors.

tomorrow: killing 2 birds with 1 stone - tragus and conch. and studying. biology and chemistry and math and everything nice.

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