Tuesday, November 29, 2005

dear hidden agenda

oh agenda agenda, unlose yourself and come back to me

who even loses their agenda?! seriously.

also, i cut my hair 2 days ago and now i dislike it. alot.

oh, and by agenda i literally mean coil book, datebook, write-your-homework-in agenda. not that other agenda that some people are oh so slowly failing to conceal. please don't speak on my behalf if you're misinformed.

isn't subliminal messaging so junior high? saves me the trouble during a hectic week. but as billy says, all things change, come thursday. subliminal messages will eat your ear drums and your eyes one day.


Monday, November 28, 2005

holy humina


godamn. season finale tonight and i dont have cable...

ps. somebody buy me cable

pps. i dont like social climbers. ICHIBAN=ME, NOT YOU.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

baklava baklava baklava

since i've been craving good baklava for the past two weeks, i've deemed it worthy of it's own post title and then some. lately, i've found it honestly near impossible to have that perfect flaky philo goodness with blossom essence and honey and crushed pistachios available. the last one i had cheated and used walnuts and pecans which was retarded and left me craving it more. so if anybody has any suggestions of where to buy good baklava in bulk, it's worth its weight in gold.

on the homefront, cravings for something substantial arise and i'm again reminded how quickly things can become stale.

adj. stal·er, stal·est
1. Having lost freshness, effervescence, or palatability: stale bread; stale air.
2. Lacking originality or spontaneity: a stale joke.
3. Impaired in efficacy, vigor, or spirit, as from inactivity or boredom.
4. Law. Having lost effectiveness or force through lack of exercise or action.

everything fresh is gone
my head hurts.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

stanley bostitch

the only thing worse than procrasinating is procrasinating before the last big exam. and the due date of a big lab assignment. and another baby assignment. but i guess that's just redundant, after all, who procrasinates before anything that isn't important?

in the process of daydreaming however, i figured i might as well get this out of my system and at least have some souvenir for my troubles. HAH and what a souvenir this will be.

i can't even being to stress how excited i am for this weekend. heck yes. yes yes yes yes yes. it's like a shot of happy in my day. almost like ordering one of those shots with a funny name, like sex on the beach or holy fuck or pimp juice. you giggle when you order it, down it, and then happiness meter, as ice would say, is at an all time 10.

for example, think of friday. dot dot dot. BAM! happy meter jumps from 2 to 5. think of saturday. dot dot dot. WABAM! happy meter jumps from 5 to 8. think of monday. dot dot dot. HOLYMOTHERDIDYOUJUSTFEELTHAT? happy meter off the charts, all systems go!

see now, not only is my happy meter off the walls, i can get started on my work and use that chi until it drains and the whole cycle repeats. wahahahahhahahaha i are genius. seriously.

and this is the cherry. really. i'm on a roll and getting venoms this sunday! oh gobi, just for you. wait til i spit fish soup with snake eyes at you... i eagerly await your return.

and that concludes my splash of nonsense for the day. until next time carebears!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

tofu cubes and nasal congestion

holy mother i'm backed up like truck. not only do i have bagels, mini quiches, cinnzeo, mini samosas and pancakes to jampack my intestines, i've got some insane nasal congestion going on. i kid you not, the areas around my nose are puffed out like phylo and my boogers are rampaging like whipped cream. fuck i want dessert right now. but so sick, so sick.

what to do?

find that ice that i've been longing for all day and mix it with soup, tylenol and cough syrup.

my head is spinning. that gin in front of me? it's taunting me. that wine i had all weekend? already has a club of fellow taunters.

my nerves are going berserk and my immune system is shot.

...hAHhahaHAHAH i can't wait to pass this on to romeo.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

[dolphin cackle - hehuhehuhe]

today was the most boring yet most accomplished day of my entire summer!!

i smoked a joint with chantal and rae (coworker and manager, respectively), stocked some racerbacks, organized some beaters with eryne and ben (both coworkers), etc etc etc, formed a funny laughing club with eryne (another coworker) - namely the dolphin cackle, made an appointment to get my nipple pierced tomorrow at 1:30pm, ate a slice of pepperoni and mushroom and green pepper pizza, drank a bottle of raspberry minute maid light, finished off a tropical twist tiamo, had some snap peas, flipped through the sex position section of the latest cosmo at chapters, cleaned my room with ed (my best friend), AND managed to complete 3 mini blogs (2 at myspace and 1 here) while ordering a pair of true religion joey's AND creating a playlist for my ipod on my moms laptop since mine is too slow AND THEN ended the day by conning a friend to come with me to get my nipple pierced.


boy am i ever cool.

Friday, July 8, 2005

the fireworks speak, one and eight

So in reality I really got slaughtered in chem 263 (single tear).

This is how life makes it up to me! HAH! 12 day countdown to the big one eight and I'm getting jitterish! Any suggestions?

Perhaps I could:

A) Rent a houseboat with my mom and kick it with some close friends who are willing to play in BC for a week cuz I would be very good at being lazy.

B) Organize some super houseparty potluck at my freshly painted house since I seem to be rather good at it.

C) Go to a random bar and get trashed since I'm also good at that.

D) Go to Motion Notion and make it a camping gong show cuz I'm obviously wikkid good at that.


Yes. Good idea. Suggestions welcome.


On a more personal note...

Birthday Wish List:
(Naturally if anybody actually buys me something off the list, I will politely decline because YOU'RE CRAZY to drop bills like hot potatoes. This is just a dream list. Thus, I must, of course, fill it myself to gain maximum satisfaction - in many birthdays to come!)

- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (I'm preordering this baby!)
- Mars complete drama series
- True Religion Dark Vintage Joey's
- Chip & Pepper Walk of Shame in Bearskin
- Notify Aramus Trousers
- Miss Sixty Black Label distressed Snuffles trousers (I WILL FIND YOU!!!!)
- Chanel Ligne Cambon tweed tote and quilted hip bag
- Chanel lambskin and patent calfskin white boot
- Chanel pearl necklace with signature charms
- A DATE WITH KARL LAGERFELD OF COURSE! (Coco would be even more ridiculous-fabulous, if only she were still with us :|)
- 30G picture ipod
- All inclusive trip to HongKong, Taipei, Tokyo, Osaka, New York
- Limited edition Batman Begins black leather Converse hi-tops
- Hermes Kelly handbag
- Full scholarship to Central St. Martins College of Art and Design

Boy, oh boy, am I ever greedy. And a total dreamer while I'm at it.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

H NMR master

today was my second day of organic chem (263 spring session) and i've already realized that a day along the lines of this...

08:45 - 9:55 = daily review
10:00 - 11:00 = lecture
11:00 - 11:10 = break
11:10 - 12:45 = lecture
12:45 - 13:30 = lunch break
13:30 - 16:20 = lab

and on special days, followed by some good hard sales person style dance at aa, for example:

16:30 - 21:30 = work

...is REALLY FUCKING BAD. really knocks the words "easier said than done" into your stomach. a good fucking punch and 3 weeks to nurse a black eyed lifeless life is basically what it is and im already starting to feel the pressure.

on a brighter note, i will have completed all the organic chem i will ever have to take again in my life in 3 weeks and emerge with an A+++++. that is, if i'm alive.

if i'm dead then you'll know that a big B was stamped on the transcript. how i cringe at the thought.

oh, but at least i've become the jedi and justice of H NMR and IR spectrums. so eat that for a change of pace

Monday, April 25, 2005

i'm sorry... i love you


heart heart heart

"Happiness is not what I feel, it's what I make... If I define happiness as being this or that, life would be very dry"
- 소지섭 SO JI SUB

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

dinner rolls

time to join body for life and win a million dollars?

on a brighter note... my ears are pretty :}

Sunday, April 17, 2005

sorting origami stars

today: the last day before the 2 dreadful weeks of finals officially begin.

surprise: so far it's not too bad

perhaps because the act of organizing my notes parallels the act of organizing my belongings and moving to a new place, the usual tedious task of collecting the year's work is rather rather relaxing. perhaps also because i'm loving my job or perhaps because i enjoy color coding a semester's worth of dull material. perhaps because i like to overuse the word perhaps in the process of describing all the situations in which i perhaps may have developed an overcompulsive order when it comes to clean tidy notes: perfectly colored on lined paper where the lines are the perfect shade of blue and there exists a perfect amount of spacing between each new idea.

perhaps i should move onto a new topic.

american apparel is really pleasant, i actually look forward to each shift. somebody once said "it's the people you work with that make or break the job"; this is especially true for retail. while my two managers are completely different in terms of personality and policy, both are people whom i would respect even if i were to meet them in circumstances in which they weren't my bosses. my coworkers are all fashionably sexy hooligans who can drink more beer than water and consistently dance and sing while contributing to thousand dollar sales daily. as well, aa's clothing, which in the process of being forced to wear, has introduced a new idea of simplicity into not only my wardrobe but also my lifestyle. in a place where it's not a crime to gorge yourself on chinese takeout, cigarettes, theme day saturdays and electroclash, it's no wonder that it's so enjoyable. speaking of which, new obsessions include oodle noodle box, chromeo, phoenix, skanky one piece drop top halters and colored scarves. drop by sometime. product includes 32-thread count cotton sex in different cuts and colors.

tomorrow: killing 2 birds with 1 stone - tragus and conch. and studying. biology and chemistry and math and everything nice.

Monday, April 11, 2005


“... I do not give lectures or a little charity. When I give, I give myself.”

- Walt Whitman

Sunday, February 27, 2005


you want 3, you desire 2, you must have 1.

but the truth is, sometimes things dont turn out the way you had hoped or imagined. you may find all 3, 2, 1 all too far when the present comes too quickly and soon becomes the past. it's okay. let go for once.

it's inevitable isnt it?

3 is special.
2 is unforgettable.
1 is indescribable.

3...2...1... GO
move, switch, rotate. find 1, 2, 3 at your feet.
1...2...3... GO

they're both GO cards. let's play life. you've lost the meaning in search of it.

you've lost the sweet, you're left with the bitter. take off your shades and see the light.
it's still there
i promise.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Guu is Guud!

why don't all the cute japanese boys with good food move here? T_T they should bring with them the ocean and the bright lights and the fobshops. speaking of which, we take the spunkest photos and buy the spunkest jackets. i speak in fragments because of a l o n g bus ride which will not be discussed because nobody likes stinky coughy buses. i miss vancouver already.

add salmon carpacio. beef carpacio. edamame. tuna tataki. ika grilled. octopus balls. fried oysters.
wipe drool.

bott's every flavour beans.

fobbed out cowboys boots.

congee in metal pots.

left my heart in a greyhound station on the way.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

march to death

hyperventilate, 6:05, 25 minutes left to live and they just had to parade. i'm sitting here quietly being good and studying and what do i see? the worst thing to see before an exam. a fucking marching parade of TA's with queen Deakin the prof at the very end, looking all nonchalant-i'm-going-to-fail-you-suckers. seriously. their parade could have rivalled a gay alliance parade. decked out with midterm papers, folders, anal looking hair buns and now walking into that room is going to be like walking into a gynecologist's office. horrifying and robotic but hey, do what you gota do. ahhhh fuck. 21 minutes left. more robots, come to v-wing if you want to see a rampage.

live live live, trainspot, choose life. ish.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

keep your hand at the level of your eye

meow meow i have wind burn on my lip and my sternum bar is acting up and my face is blotchy, i can't find howard and i need to buy new hair color, my legs are sore and i'm itchy all over, i also forgot about my bio lap report.... i am definitely allergic to studying buahahhahahahaha

on the upside i didn't have a chem lab today which was rather nice and to save me from my solitude, i've got the new phantom of the opera OST deluxe version which is so pleasant that i can't start describing how great it is. and the phantom is a babe, what more can one ask for? all the hater critics can go to hell, they're just jealous cuz they're not beautiful :}

vancoouver is only 4 days away... OH BABY!

Monday, February 14, 2005

my fingers are blue

having to deal with the cold in winter is already bad enough, but when you are very literally turning blue in your own home because your mother is a psychopath polar bear who likes to live in temperatures 5 degrees below standard (assuming standard ranges from 21-23), you've got a problem.

for example, try focusing on something other than your freezing limbs. it just doesn't happen because your body simply will not allow it. at the fresh age of 17, my joints are creaking. and yes, if you listen carefully, you can hear them say, "TURN ON THE FUCKING HEAT GODAMNIT!!!" thinkm, times when your stomach growls. loudly. in class. it's embarassing and could have been avoided, just like blue appendages. and no boys, i don't mean those ones.

either way, i have found a new channel of procrasination. ie. mother turn on the heat or else i will never study. NEVER. yes okay i ramble, i know.

i can't wait til the warmths of elsewhere. it's as tempting and lovely as narnia right now. maybe i will nap now under layers of blankets and dream of chemistry - i am queen of multitasking, failure is not an option. make sense not. okay. goodnight then.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

memorize the city

again another attempt at last minute procrasination before i am really forced to study. i have no idea what happened, the only thing i remember is that last semester i was quite the eager beaver and now i'm stuck in some pessimistic day dream which consists of asian cities and sleeping. the memories haven't left yet, i'm still waiting.

this weekend mags and i spent $50 on paper memories and tampons. it was a blast. and no, we're not really gay, we just act that way, and by no means on purpose. but if we were, we'd fight over the lipstick position. :} beenie also came and ate corn and watched kill bill with us,. overall a pretty calm weekend considering the hectic week i've been having so far; all work and no play makes natalia a dull girl. even then, mayhaps it wasn't such a great idea to play this weekend.

reading week, i will kiss you when you arrive!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

stare straight into the sun, i won't close my eyes

a new cycle of menstruation, a new blog.

so lately...
sushi + party + bday = happy weekend :}

sushi at kyoto was awesome, although being oggled by middle aged men wasn't. thankfully, the incident didn't result in that slimy feeling in your mouth you get when you're grossed out, the meal was still as good as ever. globe was packed, i was glad to see many faces i recognized from the ski trip. even though the calgary trip for kristina's birthday didn't work out, which could argueably be my fault, it was overall one of those comforting weekends where you're reminded of high school parties and all the kicks you once had.

of course, as usual i am procrasinating and hoping that somehow my homework will be done and in a tidy little pile on my desk by tomorrow morning. as usual, i am forced to make up for it by working til the next morning. i suppose the upside is that i am left with a tidy little pile of completed homework that, after being up all night, does not appear to be self-done due to the hallucinations one gets after not sleeping for more than 24 hours.

off to the books i go then.