Tuesday, February 15, 2005

keep your hand at the level of your eye

meow meow i have wind burn on my lip and my sternum bar is acting up and my face is blotchy, i can't find howard and i need to buy new hair color, my legs are sore and i'm itchy all over, i also forgot about my bio lap report.... i am definitely allergic to studying buahahhahahahaha

on the upside i didn't have a chem lab today which was rather nice and to save me from my solitude, i've got the new phantom of the opera OST deluxe version which is so pleasant that i can't start describing how great it is. and the phantom is a babe, what more can one ask for? all the hater critics can go to hell, they're just jealous cuz they're not beautiful :}

vancoouver is only 4 days away... OH BABY!

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