Monday, February 14, 2005

my fingers are blue

having to deal with the cold in winter is already bad enough, but when you are very literally turning blue in your own home because your mother is a psychopath polar bear who likes to live in temperatures 5 degrees below standard (assuming standard ranges from 21-23), you've got a problem.

for example, try focusing on something other than your freezing limbs. it just doesn't happen because your body simply will not allow it. at the fresh age of 17, my joints are creaking. and yes, if you listen carefully, you can hear them say, "TURN ON THE FUCKING HEAT GODAMNIT!!!" thinkm, times when your stomach growls. loudly. in class. it's embarassing and could have been avoided, just like blue appendages. and no boys, i don't mean those ones.

either way, i have found a new channel of procrasination. ie. mother turn on the heat or else i will never study. NEVER. yes okay i ramble, i know.

i can't wait til the warmths of elsewhere. it's as tempting and lovely as narnia right now. maybe i will nap now under layers of blankets and dream of chemistry - i am queen of multitasking, failure is not an option. make sense not. okay. goodnight then.

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