Tuesday, February 8, 2005

memorize the city

again another attempt at last minute procrasination before i am really forced to study. i have no idea what happened, the only thing i remember is that last semester i was quite the eager beaver and now i'm stuck in some pessimistic day dream which consists of asian cities and sleeping. the memories haven't left yet, i'm still waiting.

this weekend mags and i spent $50 on paper memories and tampons. it was a blast. and no, we're not really gay, we just act that way, and by no means on purpose. but if we were, we'd fight over the lipstick position. :} beenie also came and ate corn and watched kill bill with us,. overall a pretty calm weekend considering the hectic week i've been having so far; all work and no play makes natalia a dull girl. even then, mayhaps it wasn't such a great idea to play this weekend.

reading week, i will kiss you when you arrive!

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