Sunday, January 23, 2005

stare straight into the sun, i won't close my eyes

a new cycle of menstruation, a new blog.

so lately...
sushi + party + bday = happy weekend :}

sushi at kyoto was awesome, although being oggled by middle aged men wasn't. thankfully, the incident didn't result in that slimy feeling in your mouth you get when you're grossed out, the meal was still as good as ever. globe was packed, i was glad to see many faces i recognized from the ski trip. even though the calgary trip for kristina's birthday didn't work out, which could argueably be my fault, it was overall one of those comforting weekends where you're reminded of high school parties and all the kicks you once had.

of course, as usual i am procrasinating and hoping that somehow my homework will be done and in a tidy little pile on my desk by tomorrow morning. as usual, i am forced to make up for it by working til the next morning. i suppose the upside is that i am left with a tidy little pile of completed homework that, after being up all night, does not appear to be self-done due to the hallucinations one gets after not sleeping for more than 24 hours.

off to the books i go then.

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