Wednesday, February 16, 2005

march to death

hyperventilate, 6:05, 25 minutes left to live and they just had to parade. i'm sitting here quietly being good and studying and what do i see? the worst thing to see before an exam. a fucking marching parade of TA's with queen Deakin the prof at the very end, looking all nonchalant-i'm-going-to-fail-you-suckers. seriously. their parade could have rivalled a gay alliance parade. decked out with midterm papers, folders, anal looking hair buns and now walking into that room is going to be like walking into a gynecologist's office. horrifying and robotic but hey, do what you gota do. ahhhh fuck. 21 minutes left. more robots, come to v-wing if you want to see a rampage.

live live live, trainspot, choose life. ish.

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