Tuesday, October 18, 2005

tofu cubes and nasal congestion

holy mother i'm backed up like truck. not only do i have bagels, mini quiches, cinnzeo, mini samosas and pancakes to jampack my intestines, i've got some insane nasal congestion going on. i kid you not, the areas around my nose are puffed out like phylo and my boogers are rampaging like whipped cream. fuck i want dessert right now. but so sick, so sick.

what to do?

find that ice that i've been longing for all day and mix it with soup, tylenol and cough syrup.

my head is spinning. that gin in front of me? it's taunting me. that wine i had all weekend? already has a club of fellow taunters.

my nerves are going berserk and my immune system is shot.

...hAHhahaHAHAH i can't wait to pass this on to romeo.

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