Wednesday, October 26, 2005

stanley bostitch

the only thing worse than procrasinating is procrasinating before the last big exam. and the due date of a big lab assignment. and another baby assignment. but i guess that's just redundant, after all, who procrasinates before anything that isn't important?

in the process of daydreaming however, i figured i might as well get this out of my system and at least have some souvenir for my troubles. HAH and what a souvenir this will be.

i can't even being to stress how excited i am for this weekend. heck yes. yes yes yes yes yes. it's like a shot of happy in my day. almost like ordering one of those shots with a funny name, like sex on the beach or holy fuck or pimp juice. you giggle when you order it, down it, and then happiness meter, as ice would say, is at an all time 10.

for example, think of friday. dot dot dot. BAM! happy meter jumps from 2 to 5. think of saturday. dot dot dot. WABAM! happy meter jumps from 5 to 8. think of monday. dot dot dot. HOLYMOTHERDIDYOUJUSTFEELTHAT? happy meter off the charts, all systems go!

see now, not only is my happy meter off the walls, i can get started on my work and use that chi until it drains and the whole cycle repeats. wahahahahhahahaha i are genius. seriously.

and this is the cherry. really. i'm on a roll and getting venoms this sunday! oh gobi, just for you. wait til i spit fish soup with snake eyes at you... i eagerly await your return.

and that concludes my splash of nonsense for the day. until next time carebears!

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