Thursday, July 28, 2005

[dolphin cackle - hehuhehuhe]

today was the most boring yet most accomplished day of my entire summer!!

i smoked a joint with chantal and rae (coworker and manager, respectively), stocked some racerbacks, organized some beaters with eryne and ben (both coworkers), etc etc etc, formed a funny laughing club with eryne (another coworker) - namely the dolphin cackle, made an appointment to get my nipple pierced tomorrow at 1:30pm, ate a slice of pepperoni and mushroom and green pepper pizza, drank a bottle of raspberry minute maid light, finished off a tropical twist tiamo, had some snap peas, flipped through the sex position section of the latest cosmo at chapters, cleaned my room with ed (my best friend), AND managed to complete 3 mini blogs (2 at myspace and 1 here) while ordering a pair of true religion joey's AND creating a playlist for my ipod on my moms laptop since mine is too slow AND THEN ended the day by conning a friend to come with me to get my nipple pierced.


boy am i ever cool.

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