Friday, July 8, 2005

the fireworks speak, one and eight

So in reality I really got slaughtered in chem 263 (single tear).

This is how life makes it up to me! HAH! 12 day countdown to the big one eight and I'm getting jitterish! Any suggestions?

Perhaps I could:

A) Rent a houseboat with my mom and kick it with some close friends who are willing to play in BC for a week cuz I would be very good at being lazy.

B) Organize some super houseparty potluck at my freshly painted house since I seem to be rather good at it.

C) Go to a random bar and get trashed since I'm also good at that.

D) Go to Motion Notion and make it a camping gong show cuz I'm obviously wikkid good at that.


Yes. Good idea. Suggestions welcome.


On a more personal note...

Birthday Wish List:
(Naturally if anybody actually buys me something off the list, I will politely decline because YOU'RE CRAZY to drop bills like hot potatoes. This is just a dream list. Thus, I must, of course, fill it myself to gain maximum satisfaction - in many birthdays to come!)

- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (I'm preordering this baby!)
- Mars complete drama series
- True Religion Dark Vintage Joey's
- Chip & Pepper Walk of Shame in Bearskin
- Notify Aramus Trousers
- Miss Sixty Black Label distressed Snuffles trousers (I WILL FIND YOU!!!!)
- Chanel Ligne Cambon tweed tote and quilted hip bag
- Chanel lambskin and patent calfskin white boot
- Chanel pearl necklace with signature charms
- A DATE WITH KARL LAGERFELD OF COURSE! (Coco would be even more ridiculous-fabulous, if only she were still with us :|)
- 30G picture ipod
- All inclusive trip to HongKong, Taipei, Tokyo, Osaka, New York
- Limited edition Batman Begins black leather Converse hi-tops
- Hermes Kelly handbag
- Full scholarship to Central St. Martins College of Art and Design

Boy, oh boy, am I ever greedy. And a total dreamer while I'm at it.

1 comment:

steph said...

i happened to be checking in on you because well.. you are a FOOL. and i do not talk to you enough. then i remember... HOLY SHIDAZZLE YOU ARE A YOUNGIN. kakaka <3 you =D to more important matter FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!

btw... i just found out (this morning) that i'm going to vancouver for a week... tomorrow. SO if you're doing something in BC tell me and i will just hang out there until you guys get there. OTHERWISE i will be back soon.

oh ya, btw2... wish list japan inclusive trip. MINE. kakak joking. WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?! i don't even have a job yet! O.o eeeeee. ok love you miss you g'bye! xoxoxoxooxoxo