Thursday, August 17, 2006

forbidden fruit and twizzlers

Tonight was Eddi's last night here. Hello Bernard! Where's Bernice?!

I like the ceilings of the Southside Common Joey's. That is where one can find the forbidden fruit before a majestic fountain. As well, Bernard plays host tonight, in which shots are dropped and rotisserie cause commotion.

I don't think eating Twizzlers is very healthy as you can tell. There are two left. Many bowls later (is that how you spell bowls? Or bowles or bowels? I think it's bowls) later, I find myself in a berry fazed dilemma of writing my troubles in my blog.

Alas, I have no troubles, so all is well?

No lying.

Truth be told, my tongue is dry and sour from the aftertaste of Twizzlers when really I want to talk to somebody while there is a noodle wall of Tonkatsu in my mouth.

I don't want to take 8am classes. I want a new pillow among other things. Like the sun. Dragons make you gassy. Exactly 20 minutes has passed.

Well, goodnight.

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