Thursday, May 1, 2008

lose with eloquence, smile

"Nosce te ipsum."

Know thyself. Know that leaving isn't synonymous with losing. Know that everything you pick up has to be put down. Be wise enough to know the answer, smile, and walk away. Stepping back is always the hardest part isn't it? It lets you see that everything isn't as you imagined it right? But it's okay. I don't mind.

As usual, "I'm sorry if I was cruel, I was just protecting myself..."

On the bright side,
I am looking forward to catching up with an old friend! I have been craving Thai food for ages now, and the feeling of someone suggesting it is rather exhilarating, especially since Cavan has been rubbing it my face that he seems to have it daily for lunch.

Lately I've finally gotten sick of pho, especially after eating so much of it with Tammy that we both nearly puked in my car. I think the new resolution is to avoid Garden Bakery (a complete DEATH TRAP due to their crazy good snacks) and to stop eating pho at all times of day. Seriously. I'm starting to smell like a beef ball, but hopefully that's just in my head.

OH yea! I completely rearranged my room yesterday. No idea what I was on, but the only thing in it's original place is the bed hahaha. Also, I finally got the picture tile up and going, but I'm thinking of recopying the colorful photos in black and white so that it's more uniform. I really like it, but what do you think?

OH, yes another OH, I'm excited to try and see if I can give myself a fro using the new tiny hair straightener we got at Holt! If I succeed I will post pictures... :]

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