Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wasabi peas

One of my favorite snacks... WASABI GREEN PEAS! I don't know how such a simple thing can be so good, but believe me, these things are wicked addictive... in short, they are keeping me sane through this seemingly neverending session of final exams :*(

I'm not sure whether it is something to brag about, but yes, this is me procrastinating to write an entry about how good wasabi green peas are. Don't judge, don't judge, you know you want some EHEhheHEHEHE.

On the bright side, at 12pm sharp this Thursday, I will be free!!! YES, that means that: I, Natalia Wong, have officially graduated from university with a BSc Specialization in Immunology and Infection degree. Ok, so not quite officially, as my convocation isn't until June 4th, but I am still secretly very proud of myself.

( o ^___^ o )/

So... add oil! Only 2 days left!

This is Appachhai Hoppacchai. He makes me giggle to myself whenever I am stressed :]

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