Thursday, May 14, 2009

AHHHH so excited, first time to vegas!

Planning to go to Las Vegas with my dear Tum and Kiss! Sosososososo excited even though it's more than a month away... although, the wait will be a double win since Tum is back at the same time!!! (o ^____^ o)(\/)

So far the best package we've found is staying at TI: Treasure Island... ~$500 for 3 nights, from Friday to Monday. Not bad hey?!

My ultimate favorite thing to do before trips is... MAKE LISTS! I already love making lists of things, but combine that with travelling... ahhh heaven <3

Shoes: Is is silly to bring a pair of shoes for each day? No way!!
- Flipflops for wandering in the hotel
- Sam Edelman gladiator platform heels
- Flats to walk around in? Which ones...?????
- What other heels?
Clothes: Hmmm... I hear it is insanely warm there... so no pants?
- Dresses!! Maybe the black AA dress? With gold tube bra...
- Shorts!
- What kind of tops... hmmm...
Maybe I should continue this later and get back to work... I am concerned about which suitcase to bring now too! And how much will I shop? How much room to leave in the suitcase? Ahhhhhh.... I can't wait!

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