Thursday, June 4, 2009

VEGAS - i'm ocd, obviously

ok ok, so anyone who knows me knows that i obsess about things that i'm looking forward to, and obviously vegas is the big thing for june. (OH, and i also officially graduated today hahahahhaha, that was fun too :D - pictures to come)

i have decided on more things to bring...

- lace baby doll mini dress (i wore this today for my convocation! my mom thinks it's too short, in other words, perfect for vegas hahaha)

- grey tube halter mini dress and turquoise teal baggy t shirt dress (i got these both on a recent shopping trip at winner's for a wicked deal! they're both pretty much one size fits all, or at least, all 3 of us ;p dear elastic hemlines, you are great.)

- cream snake skin gladiator platform sandals (also got these for a crazy good deal! if i wasn't too lazy to post pictures, i would. suffice to say that the heels are so high that when i stepped in to a minor groove on the pavement, i almost broke my ankle hahahah. or perhaps, that is not a laughing matter? O_o)

i am also thinking of getting a pair of platform sandals from brown's (YES they opened a store at west edmonton mall!), they're unusually similar to a pair by stella mccartney... the only difference is that the heel is cork instead of wood and the rest of the detailing is dark brown instead of cream. you like? i am really into the towering giant effect right now hahaha

(photo jacked from the fashion archives)

can i work these? i think so, i have the funniest/weirdest stuff anyway...

OH, i also bought a strapless tiered bandage dress by calvin klein in an azure indigo blue made of a thick satin like material. i can't decide whether i should keep it since it fits/looks alot like a classic dress, but at the same time i can't help but agree with alda that it's a bit common at the same time. strangely enough, a major deciding factor seems to be that the dress weighs ALOT. ridiculous right? new shoes... or new dress. i can only justify one :X

on the downside, i have noticed the formation of a serious belly and love handle area in my mid section. this is so uncool, i hate cardio! nevertheless, i must commit to working out now or risk looking like a muffin top squeezed into... ugh, well, you get the point. i also hate dieting but don't want to turn into serena williams. what a terrible dilemma!

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