Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a $200 bet...

Today I bet my friend A $200 that I could quit smoking before he could.


In my broke, jobless bum situation, I have taken upon myself a bet that I may not be able to win...
Here is the break down of the opposing teams:

To clarify, (+) indicates an advantage, (-) indicates a disadvantage


(+) I am not physically addicted, just psychologically.
(-) On the other hand, I am easily swayed by seeing something that reminds me of cigs...
(+) I do not get physically sick or particularly cranky without nicotine.
(-) But beer and smokes are made for each other! (I am a big fan anyway)
(+) I am actually concerned about the smoker's hack and smoker's skin I may develop... meep :\
(+) They will soon be banning all my beloved flavored cigs
(+) Most of my close girl friends have all quit
(+) ...and I am never one to lose haha (especially when $200 is on the line!!)



(+) He suggested the $200 to bet so that he would actually try
(-) He is Korean and surrounded by smokers
(+) He made me a beer bong... so I am assuming he can do anything

(-) He has definitely been smoking for longer than me
(+) He is a chef, so it is to his infinite advantage to quit
(-) He is cutting back on the greens, meaning his temper will be unpleasant
(+) He is moving in with a friend who just quit...
(+) He is also a bum haha

Hahahahahha so as far as I can see, I am definitely ahead. 2:1 for me. I am going to win this.


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