Friday, November 13, 2009

the big move (... 2 months late)

Okay, okay, I know I have been meaning to do this forever, but since I finally started getting some callbacks for jobs (it took 2 months to find a job here!!! I am getting poor from spending so much money eating and drinking and shopping, so it's a sigh of relief on my part...), I decided to finally post pictures of our big move!

We (or rather, I was a 2 week long fixture on M's futon) previously lived in a bachelor pad in Kits...

We didn't start cleaning until a week before moving, as we very stupidly thought that there couldn't possibly be that much stuff to pack from a bachelor pad...

Clearly, we were wrong!!!

We rented a U-HAUL to drive all our stuff over to the opposite end of the city... N came and lent us his manly prowess hehehehehhe

Maggie drove the U-HAUL and I followed her in her car... the only thing I saw for the entire drive:

Out of the old...

 And into the new!!

(So halfway through this post I realized how MESSY our place looks in the photos I took while drunk and decided there's no way I can post them without being terribly embarrassed.)

BUT since we were homeless for about 8 hours in between moves, we went bowling and then to the Adidas Limited Edition Release Party! The new Jeremy Scott collection below...

I initially bought the triple tongue black and white printed kicks seen on the bottom of the photo, but for $300 CAN, I couldn't really justify them when I'm supposed to be saving for Japan... -__-;;

Anyway, that's the end of this blurb, here's a cute photo I took of heart shaped leaves I saw in Vancouver <3

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