Tuesday, September 29, 2009

rainbows and cigarettes

Just a quickie because something fantastic happened just now!

I went outside for a cigarette (yes, I know they kill you and even worse, give you wrinkles...) and realized that tomorrow is the big day to move into the new place!!!

Anyway, as this realization dawned on me, I had a single tear of happiness (I will soon post pictures of how messy the batcave i.e. Maggie's bachelor is and you'll know why I say this), and just as this happened, the sun came out and reflected a rainbow off my single tear onto my glasses!

In conclusion, there is no pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, just tears. Tears of joy. Cheesy, but awesome!!!


Tammy said...

hehehe you are a nerd <3

for some reason i read the 'i.e. Maggie's bachelor' part really fast and thought it read "mr. maggie's a bachelor you know" ... i thought i was going to spit up my vitamin water haha

funkiimonkee said...

Cute blog:) Love that pic! haha