Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the drip

Finally got off my ass and bought the equipment to make Vietnamese coffee!

For some reason, mine dripped at least 10x faster than anytime I've ordered it...

...can anybody tell me why?

Has anybody dared make this with more than 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds? I used 1 and it already looked like tar!

(Photo by Fran Gealer)

So I guess that Vietnamese coffee really got to me, because I ended up spontaneously deciding to make hairy squash stuffed with fish paste and chinese sausage (top left), 御握り (onigiri with tuna salad or dried pork filling and dusted with wasabi flavoured rice topping, bottom left), tuna salad sushi with cucumber, and 稲荷寿司 (inari sushi, bottom right).

[OK I can't deny I love having this Japanese input thing...]

I've never made the stuffed squash before so I overcooked it a bit, but overall, pretty good for a randomly made up recipe.

The onigiri was much more difficult than expected... you'd think that for plain white rice triangles, it would be pretty simple, but add filling and suddenly rice is stuck EVERYWHERE. Literally. Currently I look like I got attacked by a rice cooker... look at the mess I made!

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