Monday, March 10, 2008

a weekend without sleep...

Didn't sleep much this weekend, somehow managed to stay out until 7 the next morning every night even though I worked all weekend. How you wonder? I'm secretly a robot -- see Terminator EhEHEHHEE.

So for all the people out there who aren't familiar with HK style karaoke bars (which is where we ended up after getting Nike in trouble while playing mahjong at his house - yes, I know, we can't escape the motherland), it's mostly really random bottle service drink mixes, lots of smoking, and really odd looking drinking games.

If you get the chance, you should order yogurt soju, honey or green tea hennessee, ribena vodka and if you're at Laser, THE HOUSE NOODLES!!!! (Avoid this if you're a vegetarian of any sort because you'll run home crying)

So after Alda convinced the guy to almost triple the 'contents' of our 2nd jug (upon tasting, Pringle laughed hysterically and comments: "OH! This is going to be good!"), this is us!
I feel like I should take a minute to apologize to Alex for serving him too much sake earlier at dinner... SORRY! (>_<'')!

So Tammy squished Pringle's head...
and then Alda and I tried to beat him up...

You know what they say...

Just the 4 of us... we went back to my house afterwards for food. Apparently I am a pretty good cook while intoxicated. YAY!

PS. Does anybody agree with me that Tammy looks really good with flaming red hair?

So next week, DJ MEHDI and KRAFTY KUTS are playing at Starlight. Not sure whether I should be excited or not since the past string of artists stopping in Edmonton that I've seen have either made fools of themselves or just punked out... oh well... I still have my hopes up!

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tumbly said...

yay! for once, there are things that are redder than my face!