Friday, March 14, 2008


On a roll with the cooking frenzy!

Today Tammy, Alvin, and I made okonomiyaki (something like Japanese pancake pizza). AND we're good at it! Or at least, Alvin and I are good at cooking, while Tammy is good at decorating... <3 Also watched Boondock Saints for the first time... Other than the fact that the movie lived up to its cult classic expectations, I think we were more so rendered speechless by how hot the two brothers were... kakakaka

So after I got home, I got in a 3 hour fight with my stupid color laser printer - I tried relieve a paper jam stuck in the one fucking place that could NOT be removed, it tried to eat my hand alive.


After mangling my hand and finally getting all traces of paper out using an arsenal of different screwdrivers, tweezers, and steak knife, the ink transfer is somehow fucked and now everything prints in a stupid washed out pastel.

Fuck you, you stupid constipated printer who is diarrhea-ing my notes. T_T

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